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26.06.2011 IPBETÜ erinäitus, inglise buldogid

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Isased beebikutsikad 4-6 kuud
48.Zhan Frensis Morgan I EAH BOS baby

Emased beebikutsikad 4-6 kuud
49.Buldenezh Merry Christmas I EAH BOB baby

Isased kutsikaklass 6-9 kuud
50.Charlicheerful I ESH BOB puppy

Isased, juunioriklass
51.Egor-Dego Forerunner EX2 BM2 JCAC
52.Ingridbulls King From Jolly Joker EX1 BM1 BOSJ BOS

Emased, juunioriklass
53.Buldenezh White Little Totora EX2 JCAC
54.Egor-Dego Felicity VG3
55.Ingridbulls Jasmin From Jolly Joker EX1 PF1 BOBJ BOB

Emased, veteraniklass
56.Sanbig Arctic Rose With Black Hope EX1 BOBV

Isased, noorteklass
57.Oldengland`s Dream Pulp Fiction -

Isased, tšempioniklass
58.Big Bull`s Jolly Joker VG3
59.Christopher VG2
60.Filko Sun Aiven 0
61.Filko Sun Wild Wind VG1

Emased, noorteklass
62.Makeamemory Ange Au Demon at Britishpride EX1

Emased, avaklass
63.Buldenezh Treasure Time 0
64.Fantastik Dog Patricia Saidikta VG1

Emased, tšempioniklass
65.Buldenezh Bridget Britania 0
66.Buldenezh Djuliana EX2 BF4 CAC
67.Ginger Grace Mardi iz Dobrõh Ruk 0
68. Ingrdibulls Girl of My Dreams EX1 PF3
69.Sanbig Crown Jewel EX3

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Täna sain hr.Bas Bochi käest kirja. Muu hulgas ka niisugused read:
"Dear Aire,

First and for all, I want to apologise (once more) for me behaving not appropriately when judging the champion Bulldogs at your club show. I feel even more bad taking all the effort you and your team have put in to make a real special show and a real special it was, my "performance"was not needed for that... My earlier made "excuse" , me being too passionate about and too involved with the Bulldog as a breed and with the individual dogs still cannot be a reason to show the emotions I did. In my general report I will come back to this.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Baltic Winner and please spread the word: Bosch will behave this time...

Kind regards,
Bas "

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